SPN A.C.E., India’s first B2B Linear TV Distribution app, proudly stands at the forefront of broadcast distribution and has transformed how trade partners connect with the Sony Pictures Networks team. With over 7,000 downloads shortly after launch and outstanding reviews on both the Play Store and App Store, SPN A.C.E. has quickly become a benchmark for success and innovation in the distribution sphere. SPN A.C.E has also won the prestigious Indian Marketing Award in the B2B category and has garnered recognition for its pioneering approach to digital distribution, setting a new standard in efficiency and accessibility for trade partners across the nation.
The app symbolises Access, Connect, and Engage and has revolutionized information flow for trade partners, making updates and communications seamless and real-time. SPN A.C.E. has significantly reduced costs associated with physical prints which has also resulted in a smaller environmental footprint and has made trade partner communication more sustainable.
Built on agile development principles and a vision for scalable growth, SPN A.C.E. ensures it remains adaptable and relevant in a dynamic market. Conceived in 2017, designed in 2021 and launched in Q3 2023, the app offers a user experience that is both engaging and intuitive.
Interactive features such as polls, contests, and live events, combined with campaigns that resonate across diverse communities, ensure SPN A.C.E. is not just an app but a dynamic engagement platform for trade partners. With no advertising spend and a commitment to digital-first communication, SPN A.C.E. is at the heart of SPNI’s push towards innovation, sustainability, and creating meaningful connections.
Experience connectivity with a simple download, register, and click to start using SPN A.C.E. Stay ahead with the latest in programs, launches, sports, movies, and exclusive events. Discover convenience and deepen connections in just three clicks.